A bunch of recent surveys conducted in Uganda show that a bunch of youth especially the unemployed get so frustrated and resort to drinking a lot of alcohol something you can’t blame them for but unto the education system designed by the government for obvious reasons, which brings me to the gist of this article as encouraging the youth to resort to knowledge hunting rather than drink. This can be achieved by vey hectic tasks to the mind of a lazy man i.e. reading, researching, visiting public libraries and so on. I will not mention the idea of topping up on the education qualifications for example upgrading from a Diploma to a Bachelors then Masters and finally PhD to put yourself in a position that will earn you serious employment as the narrative is because it involves lots of luck to pull off a great opportunity but it’s the norm anyway, what can we do? All I know is there is still a lot to learn just sacrifice your time instead of wasting it on pointless things.

There is this local church in my area code that makes too much noise compared to the development of the church, still an average of 7 members just taking advantage of money injected into them by some white movement so as to restore a balance of faith through them and unto the youth still. One thing am pretty certain about is that we are leaving that church in 2019 due to poor planning, something that heavily burdens the youth and entangling them with a very shallow mindset and zero development. Sometimes it is good to predict what the future holds for you rather than walking blindly, God helps those who help themselves we all know that. Be humble and honest!

What bothers me the most is seeing the creatures we are more supreme than being way organised compared to us, give an example of bees, termites and fish. At the backyard of my humble home resides a healthy water tank stand below which some huge vultures have organised a great dining hall and every time I go to the back to water my flowers I see a new bone and now the pile is too huge to make a single key but a bunch of them, that’s if we were living in the stone age of course. This always leaves me perplexed how they cram this routine and sadly I’ve found them eating only once but this is the organisation we need to have too as the youth to survive this tough economy and fast-moving world at large.

I used to wonder how Jesus Christ used to trek with his disciples from lets’ say Bethlehem to Jerusalem and then to Nazareth in a week and it all zeroed down to having faith and self-belief that you can walk on water too, its that simple. Kifeesi always has to be part of the hinderance on your path to success and does not necessarily mean you give up that easily but keep pushing as I always emphasize it’s only a matter of time before you make it. All this is just temporary.

With those few tricks why don’t I end this one like a Headmaster.


I Just Love Gardening

Many of my boys wonder why I always break stems of wonderful flowers or plants when we are strolling around and there is a reason for that, I always plant these stems for them to yield the eventual flower in the end.

This is a skill I got from Sr, my dad a passionate forester and botanist.

Creativity is also included in this horticulture business by improvising with detergent and cooking oil sachets as my pots. Watering is key in this game for it enables the plants grow faster from these shoots or stems so that is a constant for at least twice a day, this is a hot country.

I once uprooted one plant I liked, a new species of bamboo that has been grown on all restaurants. I got this from Freddo’s (Wandegeya) with my brother Israel, he was amused at the swiftness I used to pluck it out of that pot. Well brother, it has now grown.

After a grace period of like 6 weeks, when they are fully grown, I transplant from my mini nursery in the backyard to my mini garden at the front, am responsible for 80% of the flora at home man.

Then I get to water them for a few more days and let them flourish eventually.

Why buy those roadside flowers when you can do it yourself? Ignorance is bliss friends.


Kyrie Irving once stated that we needed a 15-year-old veteran on our team to propel us through our hard times using their experience and team talks in the locker room for in his opinion thought it would be wise. But the front office never thought of that not even a single day.

Having to deal with a young vigorous team is a challenge for every coach and this is a test itself, we just lack enough experience to maneuver through lows even with the return of our forward Gordon Hayward. Many predicted us topping the Eastern conference from start to end but the acquisition of Kawhi Leonard by the Raptors halted all the hope and guess what, we are the 5th in the East behind a resilient Indiana Pacers team that all it knows is team work, Philadelphia 76ers that have been consistent, the Bucks and finally the Raptors at the summit.

The genesis of our shortfalls was the over confidence we possess for once this affects the respect of other opponents, you’ll lose willingly and that showed for a while but we are getting back with Kyrie unleashing his all-star performances night in night out and we are progressing slowly to the summit where we belong.

Gordon Hayward has accepted to start from the bench with Marcus Morris taking over the ruins and stepping up in that regard so the epitome of the sit out is to help with the rehab and give him confidence during the dunks and game winning clutch moments which he delivered during his 30-point game recently.

Winning that Christmas game in front of our home fans at the TD Garden will help with the confidence and am sure we shall produce a better performance soon.

Now that All-Star voting has started, I see us producing more than 3 all-stars this year considering the departure of Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James to the wild west leaving room for the youngers to thrive.

Speaking statistics wise, we have lost our Best Defensive team to the Oklahoma City Thunders who possess the steal masters in Paul George, Russell Westbrook and Dennis Schroeder falling to 3rd. Offensively, we are 10th not bad and hold a top 10 position in terms of teams with the least turn overs per game so we good thus far.

Am optimistic we are going to perform better especially after the All-Star break and in the post-season come next year and have a chance at the tightly contested Larry O’Brien trophy in the summer.



It has been a wave of mysteries to cap the November month down into history, of course this month holds a lot in my life as it classifies me among the Scorpio class and blesses me with a lot of friends on the Sagittarius end to say the least.


The most important thing is having a great sense of belonging and a great feeling of oneself all this provided by the friends you make. “Be the change you want to see”is a phrase my Professor likes to put out all the time to help us end the reluctance, clumsiness and hopelessness portrayed in this country and it always has the “In Uganda” phrase always attached to 87.3% of the great excuses put across, take an example of a meeting starting at 2 o’clock and guys show up at 3 with the famous “Ugandan time” quote that angers the vast majority followed with “In Uganda, guys come 40 minutes later” and all this arrogance and pride has been started by the mid age generation and it has to be trashed by our generation and the younger one too.

But anyway that is not the reason we are here, appreciating friends is what brings us here today. Caring is one of the innate thing humans possess and it is portrayed amongst friends considering the fact that a lot is shared in common. Every time I meet Keno and we debate ideas and get broader knowledge on a bunch of things like taking sides between technocrats and bureaucrats or even test our readiness to face death and challenges but of course the social aspects hold the most propaganda and the “quorum” too. While doing all these, a sense of belonging is experienced.

Try getting off social media for a while and see the number of “friends” that will hit you up for a genuine talk and not the “When are you getting a smartphone” talk and you’ll gauge the funny side of this beautiful life. Stick to the values of your friendships and be patient and life will not stress you.
Don’t try to live beyond your limits because it will end up stressing you fam. Limo always tells me to avoid being mean and stresses the fact that we should live life normally and avoid stress, something he shows even in action.

Am very grateful to all friends especially the best friend whose advice is helping out with the great decisions am making lately thank you Grace.




Ever since I discovered the Anjunadeep Editions on YouTube, my love for house music got some dynamism to it, I mean I learnt that there is more to Mi Casa, Black Coffee and Liquideep type of house music and this comes from the European continent where it all originated.

Most of these songs do not have lyrics to them, so this gives them the deep house nature and this is the type of music you’d think about anything in life listening to it, trust me on that. I have been privileged with good computing skills and the skill I have been polishing mostly, is the deejaying one and I have succeeded considering the fact that I have made quite a number of mixtapes mostly out this deep House music.

Downloading this music mainly on YouTube channels like Anjunadeep, BBC Radio One and others gives me a variety of music to make my mixtapes from. I later upload these tracks to my SoundCloud, you could check out M A R B O on your next SoundCloud login or hit the https// and enjoy these soothing tracks.

Artists that are making the air waves boom are mainly German, English, American and French according to my research thus far. These include Ben BÖHMER, Martin Roth, Jody Wisternoff & James Grant who combine to form the successful Way Out West, Eli & Fur, Mr. Dusky, Planete, Moon Boots, Penelope, Dom Donnelly, Gallago, Koelle, Nuage, Errka, 16 Bit Lolitas, Andre Sobota, Croquet Club, Beckwith, Gab Rhome, Hosini, DAVI, Joseph Ashworth, Kora, Antic, Aiso, Yotto, Lane 8 my favourite among others and all these guys feature on the Anjunadeep Edition that happens every Thursday evening. This is where all the inspiration comes from and I have all the respect for this establishment.

After am done mixing, I export the mp3 to Adobe Audition and polish it before posting and sharing from my SoundCloud. Thanks to Edwin Matsiko aka Dj Sundara, I have been able to relinquish a great skill with tenacity. Nothing gives me joy like selecting a playlist to follow and later listening to my own music as I read or chill out in my free time and that’s the power of House Music.



With the new season under way of course with a ring ceremony graced by the most booed Commissioner of all time in Adam Silver, the Golden State Warriors continue to showcase their dominance in this new empire they’ve created. Demacus Cousins in and Peter McCaw out, the difference is almost the similarity but I hope this season goes smooth on their side for they looked very vulnerable against a Westbrook-less OKC side led by a 5-time all-star, Paul George (PG13). These guys normally put up a show in the post season so they still hold the favourite position to lift the Larry O’Brien trophy one more time creating an effortless back to back to back dimension.

The Rockets still hold the fiercest rival status right now having added a free agent, Carmelo Anthony (Melo) the offence just got better but lost the defensive edge Prince Luc Mba a Moute and Trevor Ariza added to the team not forgetting Ryan Anderson, a perennial sharpshooter. The Rockets are still a team to beat considering the fact that the MVP is in Clutch City ready to defend the title.

The Nuggets are not taking anything for granted after that final loss to the Timberwolves and failing to make it to the playoffs. Nikola Jokic is back with the triple double fever, I think it’s about time he makes an all-star appearance. Paul Milsap is equally onto this fierce team together with leadership services from Isaiah Thomas. I think they’ll make the playoffs and contend for the championship.

Minnesota Timberwolves request that we have our eyes North and watch out for the mayhem they’ll be causing. Jimmy Butler being unsettled and thinking that the rest of the team is not up to the task was greatly welcomed by Tom Thibodeau by rotating the team more on him in stead of the young Karl Anthony Towns. Making it to the playoffs for them is quite unclear but they’ll skip the hurdle narrowly.

The San Antonio Spurs being my favourite team in the wild West has to make the playoffs due to the great discipline the great Greg Popovich instils in the team. Luckily, Kawhi Leonard has left the team, a great loss for us but we shall cope with the new acquisition in DeMar DeRozan and Yacob Poetl who has replaced the veteran Green. I honestly trust the new rookie Looney IV to run the point for us. I can’t deny the fact that we still are a veteran team so the experience will help us out here.

Oklahoma City Thunder still wants to beat the Warriors for obvious reasons we all relate to. Forgiving Kevin Durant will never happen for an eternity but maybe if he returns one day. Russell Westbrook is here for the OKC Thunder for sometime after that max contract he signed. I honestly hope he breaks his triple double record and wins another MVP for he always deserves it. The coach and the general management have added a bunch of new guys and my favourite being Denis Shroeder to equally run the point. They will make the playoffs.

Oregon is where it is going down this year, am really impressed with the Portland Trail Blazers this year and they have to make the playoffs as a must. Dame Lillard has come cooking a tone of stuff this year, flanked by CJ McCollum to the right and Yusuf Nurkic to the left together forming the trinity of this team, I have no doubt of their success this year. Additions like Seth Curry will also put a lot on the table offensively but the loss of Al Farouq Aminu limits their defence to an extent but they’ll be fine.

From #TakeNote to #TeamStrength, the Utah Jazz never really suffered the departure of Gordon Hayward from the Mountains but embraced it by providing rookie Donovan Mitchell with a chance to lift the team together with lots of talent from Joe Ingles and defensive player of the year Rudy Gobert. This team will surely make the playoffs no doubt.

Everyone loves Los Angeles for all the wrong reasons; drinking, parting, slaying, luxury and all the hyperbolic lifestyles exhibited by celebrities and the wealthy but that is not the issue at hand here, the Los Angeles Lakers are. With the acquisition of the King, Lebron James from Ohio and Javale McGee from the bay area together with veteran Rajon Rondo, Lance Stephenson among other rookies to put the Lakers back to its glorious status. Since it’s a young group of guys, my expectations are not so high so if they were to book a playoff berth, it’d be after a 42-42 record.

The Memphis Grizzlies welcome the return of one of my favourite point guards, Mike Conley Jr back from that injury he sustained early last year. He is will improve their record slightly but am certain they will not make the playoffs. Pau Gasol will still do his thing, Kyle Anderson will play slow motion and the new rookie will also turn up no doubt.

Arizona is where the difference will be made, Devin Booker signed a max contract and additions of forwards Trevor Ariza and Anderson will make the difference in the offence and defence for the Phoenix Suns. Rookie DeAndre Ayton will be efficient for them defensively and they will improve their record slightly but will remain under .500 this season as they look to shape and build the team around Devin. The new coach Igor Kokoškov is expected to bring joy back to the desert but it will be at a cost. I honestly don’t see them earn a playoff berth this season.

Sacramento Kings are still a very young team. Additions of Giles III who sat out last season with injury and rookie Marvin Bagley II to the team will improve the offence especially with Fox still running the point but the defence will crumble a bit due to the loss of veteran Vince Carter who was a role model as well. Iman Shumpert comes to this team knowing how it feels to win a championship and this will be good for the team. Am positive they’ll be better than last year but won’t make it for the playoffs.

In the quest to show who the king of LA is, the Los Angeles Clippers have always come second to the Lakers in terms of championships and pedigree but recently the Clippers have been a playoff team till last year when they traded Blake Griffin and Chris Paul and lost the berth easily. Doc Rivers has a lot on his table right now, his son Austin left for Washington and DeAndre Jordan crossed over to the Mavericks costing the team a lot of depth. I don’t see these guys even contest for the eighth spot.

My favourite rookie this year is Luca Doncic who takes position under the arms of Dirk Nowitzki, a role model in Dallas. The Mavericks will truly contest for eighth due to the additions DeAndre Jordan and some new great players but the team will be built around Dennis Smith Jr this time round and they’ll be fun to watch this year. Antetokoumpo has a young brother there as well so I have hope.

Lastly, the team to watch out for this year is going big. #DoItBig as has been the slogan last season has been adapted into this new season and is complemented by the departure of Demacus Cousins and the addition of Julius Randle to the squad. Anthony Davis is going to have fun by playing more openly and relaxing as he hits those jumpers, he is the captain and a good leader. Jrue Holiday has matched up the shooting guard position well as Andrew Payton has taken over Rajon Rondo’s position easily. One uprising star that was not appreciated in Chicago, Nikola Mirotic has really taken it upon himself to create chances for himself and has improved his field goal percentage and 3-point shot to 60% which is good. Having easily swept the Blazers last year and got one at the Warriors, the New Orleans Pelicans are going to be a success this season no doubt they will make the playoffs.




The East has for the past 8 years been following the West in terms of success and intensity and now that Lebron James is out of the way, the East is now open more than ever to any team thinking of creating a dynasty there.
The Toronto Raptors are looking like a viable candidate after acquiring Kawhi Leonard from the Spurs together with Danny Green for the loss of a prominent member of the six, DeMar DeRozan as classified by rapper Drake. After firing coach Dwayne Casey and adding a rookie coach, the Raptors should be locked in into the playoffs even before we get to January. They will make it to the post season no doubt.
My best team in the World, the Boston Celtics has to make it farther into the post season compared to our previous year. Coach Brad Stevens still holds our faith within him to accomplish all that we failed to last year. The return of the best guard in the world, Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward back to the Garden to beef up the young Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, am looking at banner 18. I honestly hope we get it.
The Detroit Pistons are looking better with Dwayne Casey in, as he has let Blake Griffin do a free roll and reducing the burden on Andre Drummond will make the Motor City compete for the eighth berth along with other several teams. Watch the space.
Honestly, there is not much to look for in the East but we have to be positive.
Giannis Antetokoumpo and the Milwaukee Bucks have a lot to prove especially taking the next step in the post season and the front office is ensuring that by the additions of a new head coach and rookies like DiVicenzo plus a veteran Brook Lopez, I hope to see them in the playoffs as a must Malcom Brogdon approves of that.
The Brooklyn Nets have Dinwidie to rely on for all their glory together with Allen to block all those shots. I do not see these guys in the post season except that their record will get better but it will keep being a frustrating team to watch, I pity Jay Z for having to watch this everytime.
The New York Knicks have changed coach to David Fizdale the man responsible for the Grizzlies success previously. With Porzingis out with injury, the team is looking at Tom Hardaway Jr for all the glory too and I see them competing for the eighth seed this season. They will be fun to watch honestly, I love New York.
Chicago Bulls have given Zach Lavine a max contract with a bunch of strings attached to it, simply he has to deliver at all cost and I see him stepping up to the challenge. The Bulls will not make it to the post season this year but next year I hope so.
With Dwayne Wade in his final year at the Miami Heat, he has to put up numbers for the team that has had a place in his heart since 2003. This season will be fruitful for them because of the rate at which they’ve coped with the pressure and Hassan Whiteside will play better too this year as they make it to the post season effortlessly so good luck to them.
Florida is where we go next, Mo Bamba and the Orlando Magic will want to have a better ending to the regular season compared to that disappointing spell they had last year. Aaron Gordon will surely captain this group of fellas heading for the eighth berth through thick and thin.
Atlanta Hawks will surely improve their record from last year with Len in and the talented rookie Trae Young’s shooting efforts and John Collins has even gotten way better than his rookie year. Vince Carter will provide leadership with Dedmon as this young team makes Georgia happy again. The Migos and Dan Glover truly approve of that.
Trust the Process whenever you pick a troll with other players and back it up with success, Joel Embiid has showed that this is possible together with Ben Simmons and a bunch of other talented players. These guys are making the playoffs at all cost so good luck to the Philadelphia 76ers, Kevin Hart and Meek Mill should just relax.
Cleveland Cavaliers, the current Eastern Conference championships are not having it easy this time round after the departure of Lebron James. Kevin Love inked a max contract and looks to shape the new Cavs team under his leadership. Players like Tristan Thompson, Channing Frye and JR Smith have to all step up as they go through this revolution. Rookie Sexton will have to fill up the Kyrie position and Cedi Osman will be a young Lebron. They will contest for the eighth seed too.
Heading to the Capitol, Washington Wizards have added an abandoned Dwight Howard to the Centre position and let Marcin Gortat head to the Clippers in exchange for Austin Rivers. They have one of the beat back courts in the league with Bradley Beal and John Wall with the obliterating speed to the rim in addition to forwards Markieff Morris and Green from the Cavs to work out a great offence. The bench is great with Kelly Oubre Jr heading that pack to add to the starters. They will surely make it to the post season and they are equally a good team to watch.
The Charlotte Hornets being guided by a good leader in Kemba Walker and Tony Parker to go along with the inspiration from the owner, The Great Michael Jordan. Kaminsky III will surely put up numbers this year too. I see these guys contesting for the post season too.
The only team am pretty sure will make the post season with flare is the Indiana Pacers for obvious reasons. Victor Oladipo is the best player in the North Pacific division and guides this young team. Lance Stephenson out of the way leaves D. Sabonis and Young to free themselves and show more confidence in their game. Robinson III is also back from his injury too. I love this team’s game play, very little turnovers and exquisite passing they will make the playoffs.




It starts with the connections made in this life especially in the 3rd world country to survive with no diligence given to slow prosperity measures. A friend of mine once said “You are as good as your connections” and I related straight away for of course am not a slow person, the reality check comes in when you have to start making the connections your self in other wards networking with the right people. Networking becomes relevant if you do it with the influential people in stead of wasting time with the same financial class for selfish gains.

I have been fortunate enough to attend the medical school of Makerere, truly humbled by what pedigree creates I mean these guys have serious structures in place for a proper learners’ environment that entirely caters for everything. There is exchange program right at school in which medical students from all over the world come through to Makerere to rotate and learn from the Ugandan system, and for this to function properly, a whole department was created for the smooth running of the program in the International office right in the Deans building. This office receives and orients these students by assigning them to various Ugandan students to help make them feel at home and this has truly helped the eloquent and not so eloquent speakers settle into the country at least for the designated time they are here for.

I happen to still be friends with the orienteers of these mostly white students and in their quests to make these guys feel at home it obviously involves a lot of extra co-curricular activities that are oriented around adventure and having fun and this is where I come in for this is one of my strengths and I cherish it. Introductions are always made and this is where the networking starts, contacts shared and experiences too. Many may think these guys are being taken advantage of but that is not the case I mean we were raised well but no one refuses appreciation and we have to give credit where it’s due, so that is not an issue anyway. I have been biased about these people before just like many of you but discrimination isn’t called for but instead unity as we grow past the differences and sins committed by their fore fathers. Meeting all these people from all over the world adds some thing to your life and you to theirs, that I cherish my pals for.

Recently (12 Oct 2018), was at friends’ house warming and more networking was done for those that follow will understand, it was a lot of fun that day I honestly agree to that but one thing I greatly learnt from the whole thing was that we really need to get exposed out there for we are very timid and so feudalistic and this is a great weakness, these guys lack any of the above and this is sinking the spirit of the Ugandans greatly. We reap what we sow but the power of exposure always sets the human soul free. You can testify if you view their dress code and ours as just an eye opener, Ugandans tend to dress down in the hottest months rather than loosen up because they are doctors and the cliché old mentalities keep haunting them for they do not deserve the blame, the blame is entirely on the predecessors so guys better start networking you’ll learn too much. If you are born poor, it’s not your fault but you dying poor is entirely your fault.




It’s all about sharpening your skills something I always tell my classmates when they think of allowances and logistics on any medical outreach we grace with our presence, I guess no one ecstatic would love the statement given all these demands life lately throws at us but everyone should be optimistic about the future.

Over the weekend (26-30 September, 2018), the Ntare School Old Boys’ Association (NSOBA) organised a medical outreach in Ntare School as a way of giving back to the great school that made them and pampered them too. The journey there wasn’t the best as our College bus driver and his turn boy Dan drove a journey of 3 hrs in 8 hrs, never have I seen people that pissed in the bus before nevertheless, we got there at midnight thirty all exhausted from this exuberant journey that was more of a punishment than a venture expecting a good night sleep but was shocked with the mighty school and recalled never to judge a book by it’s cover. We assembled at the dining hall with anxiety levels of course being lower than those of the old boys who always show great solidarity among themselves and were served with a binge of food something expected in a boys’ school but to our dismay we had to sleep like cogs in that famous TV series “Into the Badlands” a situation I had not expected and can’t tolerate again in my life as we had to be up early the following day for a busy schedule.

Waking had not been a big issue for me in a while but watching my night hustles am pretty sure you’d understand what I’d been through, fortunately I manned up and braved the conditions as I was woken up by the rowdy Ntare boys that never shut up for a second I mean no offence. Upon cleaning up, breakfast was ready but boy oh boy, that meal was sumptuous I even got fatigued fighting to clear that plate but boys will be boys I finessed that plate in a few and headed out to the main hall for introductions but skipped it to chill with my colleagues that had slept in a car, Calvin I hope you copy.

We were allocated classrooms from which to extend a hand of gratitude to the students and indeed it was worth it considering the turn up and commitment we showed as we keep learning and gaining experience but I love the attitude showed by our team and the students at large.

Lunch time came quite soon considering the breakfast we were subjected to that morning but nevertheless, we had to go ingest it from the staffroom with our host being Mr. Turyagenda a very social man described by his love for too much literature and the headmaster of the great school. While the que kept shifting, the early kick off game between West Ham United and Manchester United was starting that gave me more reason to sit back and admire the stomach Mourinho has for the vast problems he has on his plate as I had that nice Novida by my side. No sooner had I dug into my food than De Gea was picking the ball from the back of the net and gracing us with one point for the FPL lovers.

Mr. Turyagenda muted the TV to start his appreciation speech full of a great sense of humour as he addressed the pride and success of the Ntare OBs and achievements and he gave a number of intriguing quotes, most of which were still relating to their strong success with an optical fibre connection to Kigali together with their profound OBs like Presidents Museveni and Kagame together with new faces in Hon. Matia Kasaija and Harvard University lectures and so on the list was endless. All that sounded cliché as I concentrated on the United game till he mentioned something I couldn’t forget “Ntare is a brand not a name, if you put Ntare on this Rwenzori bottle people will buy that water” he uttered, everyone had to clap amidst the goal scored by Yermolenko to add to the United agony. There was an extra speech by a Mbarara University lecturer to top up but I liked the whole event, truly hospitable.

We had to go back for further work on a rainy day and quite cold conditions I should say. There was a football game at Kakyeka stadium only the OBs will relate definitely, between the OBs and the main school team which the NSOBA lost regardless the favour from the referee. We were now free to go take a walk around Mbarara town and the surroundings but I chose the Chelsea FC and Liverpool game for not only the demeanour but the flawlessness of the game. Later dinner was served and as usual it was really enough and the tradition of leaving the plate on the table commenced only revealing the laziness put in these boys’ heads.

After that heavy Sturridge goal to level the score, we headed out to the Mbarara University hall to check on a colleagues’ friend whose hospitality is just an innate thing here and we had to take matters to a club, guess what it was? Ice Lounge one of the hottest clubs around because a one Muniru friend of mine was so exhausted to join something Triple B hostel residents all possess. Danny and I entered this noisy place with a DJ with an ambitious pedigree to restore as we sipped on that Sprite and Nile Special respectively. The night was indeed lit but it was short lived by Danny’s curfew time as we headed back to Ntare for the final night at 2:30 am in the morning.

Woke up like at 9 O’clock as expected given the venture the previous night, attacked that last breakfast meal since it was our farewell meal it was really heavy as usual. We had a meeting in the library about the success of the camp and election of the new organiser and giving a way forward on a bunch of ideas that I was really happy about. After making quite a number of friends in that camp, the head master had to give his final speech full of advice and the usual success stories but he gave a quote that I can never forget, “Better a live rat than a dead lion” a Bible verse that related a lot to what I have experienced so far in my young life. We then embarked on a swifter journey back to Kampala.

Crème de la crème



Sometime back Manzi was around but you know him!

I have to be honest with you Sir, am sure you’ll love these honest opinions. To start off let’s describe you in a few lines bro. You must be the happiest man on Nkinzi rd. considering the multiple times you laugh in a day, things changed a lil bit (Raymo’s accent) the previous semester where you were so confused lacked a bit of direction tryna (Majid’s accent) choose between the system and a dream man! I saw you struggle with lots of issues right from hostel to school, the matters of the heart (LOL) among other issues but one thing never changed, your love for noise an aspect of life you’ve fed on for the entire campus life. I can’t say you use noise to run from solitude because you are not a loner, it’s just part of you.

Respect for your boys and loyalty have been part of your DNA, you almost wanted to donate me your kidney remember?, or it was just noise. Anyway being there for everyone one of us is highly appreciated even if some of us who are perceived as hard fail to show but we appreciate.

Now lets talk the talent you possess, motivational speaking should be it you know. The whole idea of starting up AYU in attempt to change the African youth mindset has taken you places coupled with your good relations with the people of the white colour who you hold in greater regard for  their selfless way of life, comes a replica from Kitintale who I believe will keep you at per after a short Putin visit. Getting back to the AYU bit, how inspirational can someone be! Letting Blair loose with a proper mindset has propelled to testimony levels (shout outs to you Blair Keep it up, some of us are still held up by the system) . Kenneth just keep it up.

A doctor by the system, motivational speaker by heart and mind, humorous by DNA, loving by default should be the least I can use to describe you. You are great company always! Mastered the art of making noise, quorum I admire that you are learning from the best (ROTFL) . I admire the welcoming nature all that and more go to D06 and see for yourself. Happy Birthday from even Maureen, so long.